Easy maintaining your important guest visit at office


Managing data of guests who come to the office


about Tamoo

Tamoo is simply for guest registration and guest analytics
No need to keep an ID CARD as a guest guarantee
No need to register for a second arrival as a guest
Simply scan in the Tamoo app

  • simply-registration

    Simply Registration

  • no-id-card-guarantee

    no ID CARD guarantee

  • one-submit-id-card

    one submit ID CARD

  • simply-scan-in-tamoo-app

    Simply Scan in Tamoo App

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    Guest Registration

    Guest registration for managing and monitoring guest data

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    Guest Identity Recognition

    Guest identity recognition for easy to find out the guest identity

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    Notification arrival of guests

    Notify employees when there are guests visiting

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    Dashboard and analytics

    Find out patterns and profiles of guests who come to the office